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We're back. Online booking is up and running. And our pricing is simpler than ever. 

Swim Lessons - $24 for 30 minutes, or Buy 4, Get 1 Free

Childrens' Swim Lessons - $96 for 4 lessons

Orientation for Independent Swim - $15 for 45 Minutes

Swim Daily (55 minute session, any time we're open, excludes Fridays and Sundays) - $69 per month

Workday Swim Daily (55 minute session, Monday thru Thursday 8am-4pm) - $59 per month

40 Minute Independent Swim Session - $10

55 Minute Independent Swim Session - $15

Shallow End Coaching Package (1 lesson per month, 1 40-minute swim per week, weekly workouts written by your coach) - $69, or $59 for existing KVCers

Deep End Coaching Package (1 lesson per month, 2 40-minute swims per week, weekly workouts written by your coach) - $79


Steph M
...is the coach for scared swimmers, swim meet prep, and getting back into it.
Steph is has been swimming since her youth. She is certified by US Masters as a Learn-to-Swim Coach, and a Level 1 & 2 Coach. Steph enjoys working with brand new adult swimmers, and swimmers who are afraid of the sport for any reason - inexperience, anxiety, self consciousness, you name it. In time, she loves to help her athletes step out of their comfort zone by helping them prepare to participate in swim meets. If you were a competitive swimmer in your younger days, but haven't been in the pool for a length of time, Steph will be a fantastic match for you. Steph is upbeat, supportive, and coaches with a smile. Steph is available on Tuesday evenings.

Denise P...
...is the coach for experienced swimmers, technique tweaks, triathlon prep, and bad shoulders.
Denise is a life long swimmer and a long time triathlete, certified through the American Swim Coaches Association. She has a knack for helping experienced swimmers learn how to swim smarter and smoother, not harder. She emphasizes a love for the sport, and a positive relationship with the water. If you're able to swim, and you're ready to move to the next level or speed, strength, and efficiency, Denise is the coach for you. She is also able to teach alternate triathlon strokes to swimmers with nagging shoulder injuries, and make small tweaks to technique. Denise is available on Monday evenings.

Aryn B...
...is the coach for newbie swimmers, kids, young adults, and families.
Aryn is certified through the American Swim Coaches Association. She also has a true gift for working with children, young adults, and families in the pool. Aryn is also well equipped to work with brand new swimmers. Aryn works with children professionally, swims recreationally, and has complete The Tri for a Cure. A session with Aryn is high energy and encouraging, with lots of positive feedback. Aryn is available by appointment. 

...is the coach for injury rehab, comprehensive triathlon training, and basic triathlon survival.
Amy learned to swim in 2014, at the age of 33, when she signed up for her first triathlon. Amy isn't a certified swim coach, but she is a certified IRONMAN Triathlon Coach. If you are looking for technique tweaks, speed tips, swim meet prep, or youth swim lessons, Amy is not the coach for you. If you would like to survive a triathlon, and you'd like to work with someone who learned to swim as an adult, a session with Amy could be in order. Amy finished Ironman Lake Placid in 2016 using the Combat Side Stroke because of a bum shoulder and offers comprehensive triathlon training through Kennebec Valley Coaching. She is also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and can build an excellent water based injury rehabilitation plan. Amy is available by appointment. Please email her at kennebecvalleycoaching@gmail.com or text (207)513-0943.