Run Pump -- Tuesday Evenings at 7pm
Strength, Conditioning and Lifting for Runners. End each workout with a nice, long, hurts-so-good foam rolling. Only $36 for a 6 class punch card (must be used within 8 weeks). This class is included with one-on-one run coaching. Registration is ongoing. $8 drop in fee.

Lunch Pump -- Workout during your workday at your own pace and intensity. Core & light lifting with guidance from a certified personal trainer. You will also have open access to the bikes and treadmill. Wednesdays, drop in between 11:30 and 12:30. Only $10 per month.

Mixed Bag  -- Thursdays at 6 pm
This class is a mix of all your Thursday night favorites -- Kickboxing, Retro Aerobics, Toning, Conditioning, sprints, stairs and maybe a little bit of spinning. A Kennebec Valley Coaching favorite taught by the one and only Lynn Ouellette. $36 for a 6 class punch card (must be used within 8 weeks). Registration is ongoing. $8 drop in fee.

Core Pilates – Get abs like a cereal box, and the leanest legs on the block. Mondays at 5:30 pm. Super flexible punch card options. Email instructor Michelle Delisle at for more information.

***punch cards must be used within 8 weeks of purchase*** 


KVC Spring Running
April 1st - June 10th, Saturdays at 7:00 am
$69, $9 drop in fee

This group is designed to help you increase the length of your long run, while getting faster at the very same time. Why hang on by the seat of your pants during your next race? With this group, you can be ready to run long AND strong at your next event.
This class is the perfect prep for anyone running a spring 10k, 15k or 13.1. The runs are challenging, but as usual, no one gets left behind. Plus, the group makes running long and fast feel doable and fun. We swear.
Participants should be able to run 3 miles at any pace at the start of the session. Runs will start between 3 and 6 miles, building to 6 to 10 miles by the end of the session. 
Register in person on April 1st, or in the upper righthand corner of this page.

5k for Newbies and Not so Newbies
Tuesday April 1st - May 22nd, Tuesdays at 5pm
$59, $34 K-12 and Veterans

This is our most popular group by a long shot, and this spring, 5k for Newbies runners will have the chance to run as a group on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Click here for more details.

Feed You Run Fueling Seminar with Amy
May 13th, 9:45-10:30 am
$10, $8 for one-on-one coachees

Are you confused about what to eat during your training sessions and races? Do you wonder when you should eat it? How much? What about water? Is there such a thing as too much water? Is Gatorade bad? Is it good? Is it all just so overwhelming?
This seminar will teach you the basics of fueling for endurance training and events, and how to figure out the right formula for YOU. There's no such thing as one size fits all with fueling. Let us help you make a plan.

Try, Try, Tri Training
Starts the first week of June. Stay tuned for details and pricing.

Individual Run Coaching – Local or Online
Individualized weekly running plans. Package included strength 
training groups, monthly consultation, and access to all of our running 
groups. Only $59 per month.


Camp KVC -- Running Camp for Ladies
July 19th - July 22nd, $299, Sugarloaf Mountain

This overnight running camp is 4 days of very hard work and even harder laughing. You won't believe how happy you are to eat kale and run up huge hills.

Rise n' Ride -- Monday mornings at 6am at the KVC Studio.
$42 for a 6-week punch card. Ongoing registration. 

Fast n' Fierce -- Wednesday mornings at 11am at the KVC Studio. 
A 30-minute ride that will leave you sweating like a 9-hour run.
$29 for a 6-week punch card. Ongoing registration.

Pedal Pump -- Wednesday mornings at 11 at the KVC Studio.
Combine Wednesday's ride with our Lunch Pump workout.
$42 for a 6-week punch card. Ongoing registration.

***punch cards must be used within 8 weeks of purchase*** 
Club Fifty  - Tuesday Evenings at 6 & Saturday Mornings at 8:30. 
A group especially for people on the road to losing 50 pounds or more.
You'll surprise yourself with what you're able to do. Be prepared to workout
with the greatest people in the world.
$59 per month. Ongoing registration.

Personal Training and Weight Management Coaching - This is 
the one on one attention you need to get on track with integrating healthy 
habits into your everyday life. This is your time to improve exercise, eating, 
and your day to day routine. . Please email 
Amy (ACE certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach) at for more information and options.

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