Run Pump -- Tuesday Evenings at 7pm
Strength, conditioning and lifting for runners and endurance athletes.  Only $48 for a 6 class punch card (must be used within 8 weeks). This class is included with one-on-one run coaching and focuses on muscular endurance. This summer, we're working on a heavy lifting progression.Registration is ongoing. $9 drop in fee.

Mixed Bag  -- Thursdays at 6 pm
This class is a mix of all your Thursday night favorites -- Kickboxing, Retro Aerobics, Toning, Conditioning, sprints, stairs and maybe a little bit of spinning. A Kennebec Valley Coaching favorite taught by the one and only Lynn Ouellette. $48 for a 6 class punch card (must be used within 8 weeks). Registration is ongoing. $9 drop in fee.

Core Pilates – Mondays at 5:30pm
Get abs like a cereal box, and the leanest legs on the block. Super flexible punch card options. Email the instructor, Michelle Delisle, directly at for more information schedule and pricing info.

***punch cards must be used within 8 weeks of purchase***
Get your punch card right here. Simply leave us a note with your 
name,email address, phone number and emergency contact. 


Short is Sweet, Quality Training for the 5k and 10k Distances
September 8th - November 17th, Saturdays at 7:00 am sharp
( week off, to be determined)
$69 by September 2nd, $79 thereafter, or $9 drop in fee
Runners, lately we have lost our way. Somehow we've come to believe that the 5k and 10k distances aren't challenging enough...that these races (it hurts just to type this), aren't worth running. We assure and promise you that the 5k is a formidable challenge. As runners, we don't always have to go longer, longer, and then a little longer. Sometimes it's best to tighten things up and go a little shorter, and a lot stronger. This season, we're getting back to our running roots and giving a friendly spank to the 5k distance. Over the course of 10 weeks, participants will choose a local 5k to run independently to form a baseline, choose another local 5k or 10k to see how they're progressing, and we'll cap off the class with a Saturday morning downtown 5k on a flat, fast course of our own making in November. Our Saturday morning workouts will be a combination of speedwork, tempo runs, hills, and some trails from time to time. All runs are conducted in a no wait, and no man left behind fashion -- truly, we've figured it out. Runners of all levels are welcome to join this group. If you think you're too fast, too slow, too old, too big, too young, too hungry, or too handsome, we promise that you're not. If you've thought for a while about trying a KVC running group, this is a great way to do it. See you on Saturdays this Fall!

The Downtown Stairventure
September 4th - October 9th, Tuesdays at 5:00 pm
$42 by September 2nd, $48 thereafter, or $9 drop in fee
***Save 50% if you're in Club Fifty, if you're a One on One Coachee, 
or if you also register for Short is Sweet***
Downtown Augusta has a lot of unique things to offer. The restaurants are great, but our favorite thing about Downtown is all of the stairs. Seriously, if you know your way around, there are at least ten long sets of stairs with all kinds of fun to offer. We walk them, we run them, we skip a step, we go up backwards, we lunge them, we hate them, we love them. This is an hour-long circuit workout to be done at your own pace. Modifications to make the workout harder or easier are always available. If you've ever walked up a set of stairs, this is the group for you.

Mountain Bike 101
September 22nd, October 6th, October 13th, 9:45 - 11am
$39 for 3 sessions, $29 for any 2, or $17 for a single session
Come learn (or relearn) to ride with us. In the first session, we'll nail down proper body positioning on the bike. During the second session we'll use our body position knowledge to climb and descend hills. At our last session, we'll figure out how to navigate tricky and intimidating bumps. This is a fun and supportive atmosphere, focused on safety, where you're not allowed to apologize for trying. You're only allowed to apologize if you accidentally run over someone's foot or eat their granola bar instead of yours. We'll meet at the new KVC, 11 Oak Street, and ride from there, using a few different roads, trails, and parking lots. Riders must have their own (borrowed is fine) bike, and a helmet. Flat shoes only, no clipping in just yet. 

Stroller Rollers
September 12th - October 31st, 10-11am
$64 by September 2nd, $72 thereafter
​Come join us, with or without a stroller, for what might just be the best workout at KVC. We'll leave right from KVC, and hit the rail trail for a brisk walk with stops along the way for wall sits, dips, planks, jump squats, thousands of lunges, millions of toe raises, and five hill repeats. Prepare to be sore in the very best way possible. This class started 7 years ago as a whole lot of moms with strollers. These days, lots of the babies are in third grade, but the lots of the moms keep coming back with no strollers at all. This is a great way to meet a few new ladies while you seriously feel the burn.

Individual Run Coaching – Local or Online
Starting at $59 per month
Individualized weekly running plans made just for you. This is our most popular package, and it includes strength training classes, a monthly consultation, and access to all of our running groups. Email Amy at for more information and to get the ball rolling.


Rise n' Ride -- Monday mornings at 6am or Thursdays at 7pm 
$48 for a 6-week punch card, $9 drop in. 
Ongoing registration. 

Fast n' Fierce -- Wednesday mornings at 11am 
A 30-minute ride that will leave you sweating like a 9-hour run.
$36 for a 6-week punch card, $7 drop in. Ongoing registration.

***punch cards must be used within 8 weeks of purchase*** 
Please contact Amy at to 
find out if there's availability in the class you'd like to take
Club Fifty  
Tuesday Evenings at 6 & Saturday Mornings at 8:30. 
A group especially for people on the road to losing 50 pounds or more. You'll surprise yourself with what you're able to do. Be prepared to workout, and crack up, with the greatest people in the world.
$59 per month, or $35 for 1 weekly session. Ongoing registration.

​​​Register Here. Simply leave us a note with your name,
email address, phone number and emergency contact.
Amy will be in touch with follow up questions.

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