Run Pump -- Tuesday Evenings at 7pm
Strength, conditioning and lifting for runners and endurance athletes.  Only $42 for a 6 class punch card (must be used within 8 weeks). This class is included with one-on-one run coaching and focuses on muscular endurance. Registration is ongoing. $9 drop in fee.

Lunch Pump -- Workout during your workday at your own pace and intensity. Core & light lifting with guidance from a certified personal trainer. You will also have open access to the bikes and treadmill. Wednesdays, drop in between 11:30 and 12:15. Only $10 per month.

Mixed Bag  -- Thursdays at 6 pm
This class is a mix of all your Thursday night favorites -- Kickboxing, Retro Aerobics, Toning, Conditioning, sprints, stairs and maybe a little bit of spinning. A Kennebec Valley Coaching favorite taught by the one and only Lynn Ouellette. $42 for a 6 class punch card (must be used within 8 weeks). Registration is ongoing. $9 drop in fee.

Core Pilates – Get abs like a cereal box, and the leanest legs on the block. Mondays at 5:30 pm. Super flexible punch card options. Email instructor Michelle Delisle at for more information.

***punch cards must be used within 8 weeks of purchase*** 


Winter Warriors Run Group
January 6th - March 31st, Saturdays at 9:00 am
$69 by January 2nd, $74 thereafter, or $9 drop in fee

The Slow Build Challenge
​January 9th - February 11th, Tuesdays at 5pm
$59 for the challenge by January 2nd, $64 thereafter, $29 for one on one coachees

​Fat Bike and Snowshoe Tromps
Saturdays at 10:45am. These will be annouced 3-5 days prior on the Kennebec Valley Coaching Facebook Page
$8, $5 for one on one coachees

Swim Clinics
Saturdays in February and March at 11:30 at the Waterville YMCA
Dates pending, pricing varies
Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced options offered. Geared toward triathlon.

Training Seminars: Heart Rate Training and Fueling for Longer Efforts
February 3rd and March 24th at 10:30 am
$24 for both seminars, special pricing when done in conjunction with swim clinics

Stroller Rollers Inside
January 9th - February 13th at 9:45am
$42 for the 6-week session or $9 drop in fee
A fun class for moms and their stroller-aged kids...or no kids (most of our babies are in school now, and the ladies just keep coming back anyway). This winter we'll focus on strength and posture using a combination of fitness bands, Pilates, basic yoga, and barre. This is a gentle, non-impact workout that yields big results. Casual and fun with lots of chatting. Doable for all fitness levels and and all body types. This winter, some of our moms are actually grandmas. Come one, come all, try a new workout in a friendly and supportive groupp

Individual Run Coaching – Local or Online
Individualized weekly running plans. Package included strength 
training groups, monthly consultation, and access to all of our running 
groups -- $59 per month. Triathlon training starts at $69 per month


Rise n' Ride -- Monday mornings at 6am at the KVC Studio.
$42 for a 6-week punch card, $9 drop in. Ongoing registration. 

Fast n' Fierce -- Wednesday mornings at 11am at the KVC Studio. 
A 30-minute ride that will leave you sweating like a 9-hour run.
$29 for a 6-week punch card, $7 drop in. Ongoing registration.

Pedal Pump -- Wednesday mornings at 11 at the KVC Studio.
Combine Wednesday's ride with our Lunch Pump workout.
$42 for a 6-week punch card, $9 drop in. Ongoing registration.

***punch cards must be used within 8 weeks of purchase*** 
Club Fifty  - Tuesday Evenings at 6 & Saturday Mornings at 8:30. 
A group especially for people on the road to losing 50 pounds or more.
You'll surprise yourself with what you're able to do. Be prepared to workout
with the greatest people in the world.
$59 per month, or $35 for 1 weekly session. Ongoing registration.

Personal Training and Weight Management Coaching - This is 
the one on one attention you need to get on track with integrating healthy 
habits into your everyday life. This is your time to improve exercise, eating, 
and your day to day routine. . Please email Amy at for more information and options.

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