One on One Run and Triathlon Coaching
One on One Coaching is offered in person or online starting at $59 per month, with an initial three month commitment. These are our most popular packages at KVC.
As an individual coachee, you'll have access to the following resources:

                1) A 30 minute face-to-face monthly meeting with Amy
                This meeting can include a fitness assessment, a run, or a hands on demonstration of a new strength training routine.

​                2) Complimentary access to any current KVC running groups and Run Pump

​                3) An individualized weekly endurance training plan accessed via Google Docs

​                4) An optional individualized  strength training plan

​                5) Check-ins as needed

​                6) All the support you could ever need

Amy's primary goal is to make running and triathlon accessible to anyone who has ever felt even the slightest urge to lace up their shoes and pound the pavement. Whether you run a seven minute mile, an eighteen minute mile, or you've never run a mile, Amy will help you (re)discover your potential. Using a combination of positive reinforcement and scientifically based training techniques, she'll lovingly push you to achieve the goals you never thought were possible.

Amy currently coaches runners in the 5k, the full marathon, sprint tris, the full Ironman, and every distance in between. Holding firm to the belief that every person, and every person's body is unique, training methods are specifically selected and combined for each and every athlete. She works with men and women who run between 3 and 6 days per week, currently ranging in age from 17 to 75. Based on her personal philosophy that success breeds success, training plans begin with 'small' and attainable benchmarks.  As coachees gain fitness--and most importantly, confidence in themselves--the benchmarks become more challenging.

As a firm believer of moderation in all of life's undertakings, Kennebec Valley Coachers are considered moderate mileage athletes. Athletes aiming to simply finish a 5k might run 10-12 miles per week, while someone aiming to run a 5 hour marathon would top out around 45 miles per week. Again, weekly mileage is based on personal goals, abilities, schedules, and preferences.  We use a wide variety of training techniques including, but not limited to: High Intensity Interval Training, Resistance Training, Speed Work, Tempo Runs, Lactate Threshold Training, Heart Rate Monitoring, The Galloway Method (run/walk), and Long Slow Distance (with a twist) and the MAF Method.

For the past 20 years, Amy has competed and been coached on a variety of levels--including the Division 1 Collegiate Level. She holds a coaching certification through USA Track & Field,  a personal training certification through ACE, and she's an IRONMAN Certified Coach. Amy works with people of all athletic capabilities, but prefers the ones who start out by saying, "I'm not sure I can do this, but I'm sure gonna try."

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Personal Training
KVC offers the very best personal training rates in all of Central Maine:

30 minutes -- $19 at the studio
50 minutes -- $34 at the studio
Add up to 3 additional people for only $5 each
Prices vary for other locations. Please inquire.

See? Not so bad...and there's a package deal, too:

4 50-minute sessions per month -- $115 at the studio

PLEASE NOTE: Personal Training sessions must be cancelled or rescheduled 12 hours in advance to avoid full responsibility for fees. This time can be used for any combination of running, indoor cycling, and strength training. If you'd like to schedule personal training, please email Amy your availability at

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