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Head Coach, Amy Lawson​
Amy Lawson is the head coach and chief motivator at Kennebec Valley Coaching. After being cut from (literally) every team sport she ever tried, Amy started running competitively as a freshman in high school, and hasn't stopped since. Back in the glory days, Amy posted personal records of 5:09 in the mile and 10:58 in the 2-mile. In the late 90s, she was top 10 nationally ranked for 3200 meters (second in New England), and was Connecticut State champion in the 1600 and 3200. She has worked for Nike's Green Mountain Running Camp, and was a scholarship athlete for Virginia Tech. In adulthood, Amy has run over a dozen marathons, a number of half marathons, triathlons of various distances, and is competitive on a local level. She finished Ironman Lake Placid in 2016 as a middle of the packer. In 2019, Amy took on and completed the Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike race with a time of 12:00:24. Most recently, Amy has gotten herself up, and dusted herself off from the COVID pandemic. Just like everyone else, she took a hiatus from racing, but has gotten back on the local racing wagon. The last few years have reignited her love for running, and the simplicity of the sport. Amy became a Certified Maine Guide in 2022, and has been bikepacking and hiking on her own, and offering trips through Gravel Road Guide Service.

Amy is a USATF Coach, an IRONMAN Certified Coach, and an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. Amy especially loves teaching group fitness classes -- everything from plyometrics, to mom groups, to barre, to indoor cycling, to swim. 

Kennebec Valley Coaching has helped many people accomplish many different things including, but not limited to:
4 people have lost over 100 pounds and have all kept it off for over 4 years. Of these, 1 has become an avid ultra runner and completed a 100 mile event, another has become an Ironman finisher. Many, many people have lost over 50 pounds and gained identities as regular exercisers, runners, triathletes, and fitness teachers. Some people thought they wanted to lose weight, but changed their mind when they realized they could accomplish exactly what they'd like to, exactly as they are. Some people have lost weight, gained it back, and remained members of the community, because we are all in it together, for the long haul. 
Individual coachees have qualified for The Boston Marathon. KVCers have also run the New York City Marathon, the Maine Marathon, the Sugarloaf Marathon, and the Chicago Marathon. So many marathons, and so many running races of every distance.
KVCers have finished 50 mile ultramarathons, and 100 mile ultramarathons. KVCers regularly run 5ks, 10ks, and trail runs of everydistance.
KVCers have finished many triathlons including Ironman Maine 70.3 (over 50 people from KVC!), Ironman Lake Placid, Mount Tremblant, Indiana, and Florida.
KVCers have swum the 5k distance. KVCers have learned to swim as adults.
Many KVCers have started mountain biking with distances all the way up to 100k.
Almost every KVCer consistently shows up to class once or twice a week.
Many of the participants from our first group in 2011 still come to KVC regularly.
All of our KVCers consider themselves regular exercisers and consider it important to their identity.
100% of our KVCers are friendly, non-intimidating, motivating people who are easy to talk to and would love to show you the ropes.
0% of KVCers are here to mold their body to a certain look.
100% of KVCers are here because they want to increase the adventure, fun, challenge, and quality of their life. 

The History
Kennebec Valley Coaching was born in 2011. Amy, who's been a runner since the 7th grade woke up early one Saturday morning and said to her husband (a sports chiropractor), "Hey, your office is nice and wide open, and it's right on the rail trail. Do you think we could teach a Couch to 5k class out of there this summer?"
He smooshed the pillow into the side of his head, rolled away and murmured, "Maybe."
Amy, as she tends to do, interpreted that as a firm and enthusiastic "Yes!" 
As she planned and advertised the first ever 5k for Newbies group, Amy's hope was to get 5 runners to sign up. 10 would be amazing, and 15 would be a wild dream come true.
The first day, 40 people came. 
That's exactly the moment Amy realized that people want to be in shape. They want to exercise, and believe it or not, they want to run. 

And that's how Kennebec Valley Coaching came to be.

The Philosophy
Amy also realized, that most people need some help when it comes to fitness and endurance training. Lots of people don't know where to start, don't know what to do, and have a hard time staying motivated. Based on these observations, Kennebec Valley Coaching adopted these 5 philosophies:

Endurance & Strength are Important Life Skills
You really never know when you'll have to chase your toddler through a parking lot, or step into the kids vs parents soccer game, or run a benefit 5k with one day of notice. We don't want anyone to miss any of life's opportunities because they're too out of shape to jump in and live it up. Fitness makes life more livable.

There's Power in Groups
Group exercise training provides community, camaraderie, accountability, and friendly competition.

Simple, Affordable, Sustainable
Our workouts are super effective, but don't require complicated equipment; that way you can duplicate the moves at home, in a hotel gym, or almost anywhere. We focus on basic, functional strength and endurance routines that can be modified for people of every age, ability and fitness level. Our workouts cost a little bit more than a fancy latte, but less than an extra value meal.

Moderation, Moderation, Moderation
Of course we like to see you push hard. We also like to see you make exercise a realistic part of your everyday life. We'd rather see people exercise a few times a week for the rest of their lives, than go crazy for two weeks every two years. We design long-term workout plans with hard phases, and easier phases. It's important to push, but it's important to recover, too.

Time is Valuable
Who in the world (with a tv...or a family...) has time to exercise all day long? We believe in exercising efficiently and effectively by combining cardio and strength, adding bursts of intensity, using hills, and adding weights. You'll do 2, 3, even 4 exercises at a time, and the best part? You won't even realize you're doing it. Actually, yes you will. But Amy will tell you a story while you're doing it.

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