Club Fifty
Tuesday Evenings at 6:00 & Saturday Mornings at 8:30

Club Fifty is an on-going workout groups designed especially for people who are working to lose 50+ pounds. The mission of the club is to provide people with a safe, supportive, non-intimidating atmosphere to learn how to exercise effectively, increase overall health, and make fitness a part of everyday life.

Club meetings include a workout, group sharing time (victories and hang-ups), a private weigh-in, progress measurements and pictures, and new (fun!) surprise challenges to try out during the week. Participants will be exposed to a wide variety of workout routines to help them discover their preferred way to work up a sweat--because honestly, once you get the hang of it, exercising is fun. Special guests, from nutritionists to alternative health providers to successful weight-losers, will pop in from time to time, too!

To help increase success and avoid injury, all activities will be tailored to meet the specialized needs of individuals who have a more significant weight loss goal. All participants will have access to the group's facebook message board, and can expect nutrition tips, check-ins, and plenty of support in their in-boxes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who leads Club Fifty?
Club Fifty is led by Amy Lawson. She's thirty-two years old, the mother of two, and the owner and chief motivator at Kennebec Valley Coaching. She's a USATF Certified Running and Strength & Conditioning coach and an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach. You can learn more about Amy by clicking here, and hear what others have to say about Amy by clicking here.

Is this like the television show The Biggest Loser?
Yes and no. Like The Biggest Loser, you'll have direct access to a trainer, prescribed workout plans, and tons of support from your fellow club members. You'll have instant feedback and guidance from Amy, and learn tons of practical know-how about health and fitness.

But that's where the similarities stop.

This isn't a contest, and this isn't reality tv--club members shouldn't expect to drop tons of weight in a teeny amount of time. Club members work at their own pace and focus on making small, meaningful changes that will stick around for life. There's no yelling, no cursing, no puking, and Amy definitely won't climb on your back in the middle of a push-up.

What kind of exercise will we do?
We'll try all different types of workouts at our Tuesday and Saturday meetings. We'll start with some light cardio and strength training, and as members gain fitness, we'll expand our horizons. If you're brand new to exercise, or coming back after an extended hiatus, don't sweat it, we have modifications just for you.

Where does the club meet?
Club Fifty meets at the Kennebec Valley Coaching studio at 50 Front Street in Augusta. We'll go outside when weather permits, and only use outdoor areas where club members feel comfortable exercising.

What should I wear to the club meetings?
Nothing fancy. A t-shirt, and a pair of shorts or sweats will do just fine! It's really important to wear a good pair of shoes, and for ladies, a supportive sports bra. Visit our very own proshop for the best bras and shoes this side of the Kennebec.

Will we follow a specific diet?
No. The club is primarily focused on exercise, not diet. Participants will be encouraged to work with a nutritionist or join a reputable weight-loss program like Weight Watchers. Participants will also be encouraged to learn more about programs like Overeaters Anonymous. All club members will be required to keep an honest inventory of their food intake, which may be kept private.

Club members will often get new challenges to tackle. Lots of the challenges will be food-related.

Will this class make me lose weight?
Showing up to the club meetings on Tuesdays and Saturdays isn't enough to make you lose weight, but it sure will help. If you're determined to shed some pounds, it's essential to have a strong commitment to exercising outside of class, managing your diet, and changing your lifestyle. Club meetings will give you the tools, motivation, and know-how to keep up the good work throughout the week.

Is there a multi-month commitment like a gym?
No. However, discounts are available if you'd like to prepay for multiple months.

Speaking of gyms, will I need to join one?
No, but you can if you'd like to! Most of the workouts we do can be repeated at home with very little equiptment. We try to keep things as simple (but effective!) as possible.

Am I supposed to keep coming until I reach my weight loss goal?
You can, but you don't have to. The clubs are designed to give you the tools and knowledge to get you on the right track. After you get your feet wet, if you feel like you can do it on your own, go for it!

I've never been able to stick with an exercise program. Will this be different?
Hopefully it will be. With the peer support, fun atmosphere, and new level of accountability, you'll want to keep coming back!


Awesome. Call Amy Lawson at (207)513-0943 or email to learn about the next step.
50 Front Street, Augusta, ME
(207) 513-0943
Scott, Christmas 2011
How'd they do it? Simple. They thought about what they ate, they made better choices, and they wrote it down. Plus, they exercised almost daily. No tricks, no gimmicks, no shortcuts. Just good old fashioned hard work. Here's what Scott has to say....

Amy and the Fifty Pound Club have given me the tools and motivation to loose over 50 pounds in 5 months.  The workouts we do in the classes vary and are easily adapted to any fitness level.  Amy uses a combination of aerobic, strength, indoor and outdoor training to keep things interesting and challenging, yet fun.  Having a job that has a large amount of travel, I have found the workouts Amy provides can be done most anywhere using stairs, chairs, walls and floors.  Amy does a great job of motivating people with gentle encouragement and great humor.  She believes that everyone can run and encourages you to give it a try.  After telling Amy that I have never been a runner and had no plans on becoming one, I found myself giving it a try and a couple of minutes running lead to 10, 15, 20 and more.  I ran my first 5K the week of my 51st birthday and realized Amy was right, if I can run, anyone can! ~Scott
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