Try, Try, Tri!
Head Coach, Chad Lewis
Swim Coach, Kristin Johnston
Run Coach, Amy Lawson
Kennebec Valley Coaching is thrilled to announce Try, Try, Tri...
Summer 2014 Triathlon Training with Chad Lewis, Kristin Johnston and Amy Lawson.

This 10-week training group is designed for anyone who wants to train for, and compete in a sprint triathlon. If this is your first tri, or your fifteenth tri, this group is for you. The workouts will be adaptable to every fitness level--beginner to advanced. Whether your goal is to finish the race or to set a new PR, Chad's got you covered.

In order to sign up, you have to be able to swim the length of a pool (it doesn't have to be pretty at all, seriously, Kristin can teach anyone to swim), run about a mile (you can lay down and heave for air afterwards, we don't mind), know how to ride a bike, and have a bike to use. Please know that any bike will do! There's NO need for a fancy road or tri bike--you can even borrow your mother's 3-speed with the springy seat and the basket.

If you're under 15, you'll have to talk one of your parents into signing up for the group, too (which is totally fine, because your mom will rock a wetsuit like she was born wearing it).

This is a 10-week training group. You'll work under the direction of Chad, Kristin and Amy to train for The Lake George Sprint Triathlon on Sunday, September 14th. The actual race will consist of a quarter mile swim, a 15 mile bike ride, and a 3.5 mile run. Registration for the race is handled separately and independently through the triathlon race website.

You'll get weekly swim, bike and run coaching. Plus, you'll get your very own, customized-to-you training plan written by Chad Lewis.

This group will kick off on Wednesday July 9th at 6pm at the KVC Studio.

You'll meet to train with Chad on Wednesday evening at 6 o'clock for an indoor ride, sometimes followed up by a short run.

You'll meet with Kristin on Mondays around 5:45 for an open water swim, or swim clinic -- depends on your ability level. Location will be announced soon.

You'll meet with Amy on Tuesday nights at 5 if you're a beginning runner, or Saturday mornings at 7 if you're a little more advanced. Amy also offers other spin classes throughout the week if you can't make it to Chad's Wednesday night group.

If you're not able to make it to every training session, that's okay! Focus on what you need the most help with, and Chad will be happy to give you some homework to do while you're up at camp!

You'll bounce around between the KVC Studio, the Cony High School track, the Rail Trail, all kind of off road running trail, and the swim spot that Kristin deems worthy of our awesomeness.

There are SO many reasons to join a training group! Training with a group helps you stay motivated and working under a coach who's an experienced triathlete will help you train efficiently and effectively. Why go it alone when you can train at KVC?

How Much?
Get ready to fall out of your chair...because this class is a slammin' deal. If you sign up by June 22nd, it's only $129 to train three a week for 10 weeks! That's $4 and some change per class...less than a grande drink from Starbucks! After June 22nd, the price jumps up to $149.

To register now and pay by cash or check, click here. Please note, you'll have to send your check in by June 22nd to get the lower price. Checks should be made payable to Kennebec Valley Coaching and sent to:

Kennebec Valley Coaching
335 Water Street
Augusta, ME 04364

To use a credit or debit card, you can register at If you don't love either of those options, email to make paypal arrangements.

Other Stuff.
Wet Suits
The water's cold in Maine, so you'll probably want a wet suit for the open water swimming. You can borrow one from a friend, go to a store like Play it Again Sports, scour Craigslist, or rent a wet suit. Chad will talk about wet suit as we approach the race.

Trying something new or joining up with a new group of people can be a nerve-wracking thing. Please, please, please know that Kennebec Valley Coaching is committed to providing a friendly, supportive, non-intimidating training environment.  Do we push hard? Sure. But we push you within your own ability level. There's no such thing as being to big, small, tall, short, fast, or slow for Kennebec Valley Coaching. Who ever you are, you'll be surprised by what you can do with some guidance and coaching, and more than that, you'll be so stinkin' proud when you cross that finish line!

Safety and Risk
All physical activity comes with some degree of risk--especially with swimming and biking. We'll do everything we possibly can to keep you safe and out of harm's way, but ultimately, your safety is your responsibility. Your equipment must be safe and functional, helmets are definitely required, and most of all, you have to work within your ability level. If you're not confident enough to ride with clipless pedals, don't use them. If you're not sure about swimming in water that's over your head, don't do it. All participants will be required to fill our liability waivers to participate in class.

If you have questions, you can email, or email Chad directly at

Kristin                                                                Amy