Stroller Rollers is a series of 45 minute classes where moms will hit the trail and use the resistance of their
strollers to increase stamina, build endurance, and boost their overall hotness quotient by at least 33%. Under the
instruction of Amy, moms will walk, jog, lunge, and push their way to fitness.

WARNING!!!!! This class is a ridiculously great workout. Prepare to feel sore!!!!!

Jogging strollers are great, but definitely not required.

Kids of all ages (as long as they can be wrangled into a stroller) are welcome.

There’s no such thing as ‘too out of shape’ for Stroller Rollers. Every move is adaptable to you.

Our next round of classes start in September!

Wednesday at 9:45 at the Augusta end of the Kennebec River Rail Trail
September 10th through October 15th
$36 for 6 classes

$8 for a drop in


Or email to arrange for payment though cash or check.